with Thanks

The shipped they sailed in on

This project would not have been possible without the help, assistance and information given (directly and indirectly) from the following people:

William E. Green and his handwritten notes that I have been following throughout this entire process

Michael Green (Thanks Dad)

Bev Green (Thanks Mom)

Edward Green (Thanks grandpa’s cousin)

Mark Harrison, UK

Vince Bramer, USA

Barbara Lem, USA

Colin Harris, UK

Hilary Astwood,  UK

Ian Maxted, UK

Ian Simmons, UK

David Beattie, UK

Rhiannon Connelly, UK

Nick James, Mushroom Works, Newcastle, UK

Diarmid Mogg, UK

Russell Gray, UK

Gill Stanley, Exeter, UK

David at Edinburgh Copyshop

Dudley Volunteers: Lauren and James

The wondeful people at the Dudley Archives

The very helpful and informative people working at Black Country Museum

Below is a list of all the people that have helped to make this project possible, by contributing $5 or more to the cause.

Sarah Barrie

Nicole Green

Nikki Kinsey

Deneen Kelly


Gaelle Depraz

Phil Thomas

Christine White

Ben Farrand

Carrie Dennison

Linsey Knerl

Gill McColl

Gordon Mansergh

Patty Howard

Baz and Leisa Templer

Vicky MacDonald

Ben Cooper

Adrienne Cassidy

Erin Padgett

Doug and Martha Bildt

Claire Brown


3 responses to “with Thanks

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  2. i only just came across this project – looks great! shame to have missed it. we moved to exeter in 2008, just around the corner from the catacombs in st barts.


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