A video of the final installation

This is a short video of the work in situ at the Bioscience Centre at the Centre for Life in Newcastle.  The final exhibition space is particular poignant for this work due to the nature of the work carried out at the centre.  Research into issues of infertility as well as treatments are carried out in this building (among lots of other things, of course).  As this project is about the family line, it seemed particularly apt to show the piece in this venue.  The little worker bees in this place are aiming to help keep family lines going, going, going.  Sometimes there is success and sometimes there isn’t.  It’s amazing to think how fragile our family lines are. How they can charge through the past, push through amazing odds and yet, for some of us, we become the end of the line.

This is where my tour ended.



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8 responses to “A video of the final installation

  1. Thanks for making that video tour Cassandra – It made up a little for not being able to see the full exhibition in person . Well done !

  2. Erin

    Wow…what an amazing tour and journey. I will have to say that after many years It was a privilage to see your exhibit this summer back in McCook. Now I am excited to see what will be your next project.

    Lots of loves and hugs

  3. Erin Padgett

    awesome…love the final video of your tour…after many years it was so great to see you and had the chance to see your project in person this summer….looking forward to your next big project…
    lots of loves and hugs

    • It was wonderful catching up with you. You may be not very surprised to hear that there is another project buzzing away in the background. I’m hoping to really get into it in January. I’ll keep you posted 🙂

  4. Jennifer "Wesch" Dexter

    Cass, that was a wonderful view into the amazing artist I always knew you would become!! I loved that I got the opportunity to “see” it through your eyes!!

    • Jenny!!! Oh wow. So good to hear from you. And thanks for your reply. Hope all is supremely good with you. I’ll always remember that you were very much into Prince all those years ago 😉

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