The one about the wedding

Behived bride and Colonel Sanders

The wedding happened several weeks ago and I am only now blogging about it.  Tsk.  Tsk.  I’m not doing so well keeping up with things.  What can I say.  Life is turning corners, jumping ahead and dragging me – bumping along – with it.  I feel  like I have lassoed a Bronco.

So, this is the wedding.  And there is the bride.  And there is our father looking distinguished by her side.  As you can see, Nicole’s hair is defying gravity in a rather awesome way.  She is beautiful as ever, looking towards her future, stepping into it with  hope and love.  Just wait until year three when you are still bickering over whose turn it is to do the dishes.  But for now, for now, enjoy the newness of it all.  Enjoy the changes, too, because they are something wonderful to behold.

Nicole and Dad walked in on a song that sounded like the Jaws theme tune but then switched to something else, but equally forboding. The ceremony was lovely, a message was delivered by our Biker Minister and there were some tears in some eyes and a couple of those eyes may have been mine.


The kids then walked down the aisle, smiling and cheery, to the sound of the High School Pep Band playing a lively tune.

The band!

We then all went outside and released some balloons into the air.  Afterwards, we found ourselves in a beautifully decorated church basement, were faced with cake and food and drinks and speeches.  It was all very lovely and wonderful.  The kids did well to make this a very unique -to-them ceremony.  Here’s the bit where they shoved cake in eachother’s face:

Nom nom

And they lived happily ever after.  Nicole went on to become the rockenest theatre/drama/music teacher in the history of ever.  Chris continued to be entertaining and hilarious in his unique way.  And they gave me several neices and nephews which in turn made me live happily ever after as well.  Thanks!  My future self thanks you for your generosity.


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