The people you meet along the way

The show has been taken down.  Before I unclipped the clothes pegs and folded up the sheets, I stood in the middle of the room and admired my work.  It wasn’t admire as in ‘OMG I can’t believe how amazing I am’ because I promise you that I do NOT think I am amazing.  I was admiring the hard work that had gone into making it happen.  There isn’t any shame in recognising that you have worked bloody hard for something and that sometimes you just need to step back, be a bit merciful to yourself for not being perfect, and congratulate yourself on the achievements you have achieved so far.

With that said, the journey has most certainly not been a solitary one.  There are so  many people who I have met along the way.  In some way, they have made an impact on my life, the work, the experience, that I would be remiss to not mention them in this blog.

I obviously have my Wall of Thanks to read through, but sometimes the offerings have come in quite a different form then just pointing me to the right information or assisting with finances.

In no particular order, but in the order that crawls into my mind first:

Rhiannon Connelly, for her hard work, skill and perseverance.  It has been fabulous talking to Rhiannon about her own experience, working in the solitary confines of one’s own studio.  I know what it’s like and it’s like you need to know when to give yourself a break and find inspiration beyond your four walls.  I am so excited about her project and want to visit the work in one of the cities.  If you do not invite me, Rhiannon, I shall be very cross. For more information about Rhiannon and her lovely work, please visit here.

A lovely Ms Vanessa Foley popped into the gallery to take a look at the exhibition.  Actually, I think she was one of many to be looking for the framers, but stumbled into the gallery instead.  We got into a great conversation and hey guess what?!  She is having her work on display at the Newcastle City Library starting the 26th of April and running into the first week of May.  So go go go, everyone of Newcastle.  See her work of birds and textiles.

There is my most recent arty find, Mr Lee Turner of Hole Editions, who I met sitting out on the step of Mushroom Works one fine day.  He doesn’t usually lurk there.  In fact, he lurks in his studio most of the time.  Very hard-working, gets stuff done, works with a slew of other well-known artists and is an all around lovely person, that Lee.  Again, I am so inspired to see the hard work and determination of other artists.

There are so many more to mention.  Ian with his constant and much-needed cheerleading and fantastic ideas made even more brilliant with bucket loads of enthusiasm.  Diarmid with his super man skills  of proofreading…proof reading…proooooofread – ing.  I am sure his brain aches at every read of this blog and it’s/its/it is many errors.  To sample Diarmid’s writing, please take a jaunt down the streets of New Castle.  And as I have mentioned in two previous posts, Anna and Adrienne, always ready to receive any frantic text, email or phone call from their friend that seems to freak out very easily. Oh, and I really cannot forget Rachel.  She’s very smiley.  And I have a lovely photo of her on a rope swing that makes me smile every time I see it.

Thank you all for adding into my life so much goodness.



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2 responses to “The people you meet along the way

  1. *Blushes* Glad to have helped you along the way!

  2. Thanks so much Cassandra ! I am in really good company here . Seeing your dedication to this project is also inspiring for us.

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