A call for assistants in Exeter and Dudley

As the Exeter and Dudley exhibition dates approach, or as I approach them rather (hm…not really sure on this one.  Are they doing the approaching or am I?), it is becoming very necessary that I find my assistants for each venue.

Although I have secured the good services of my husband for the Exeter leg, I still require a few more bodies to assist with putting up the work and invigilating the exhibition.  As for Dudley, well, the three people that I had lined up over a year ago are now no longer available.  A lot can change in a year and their work schedules have made it so that they are not able to get the time off to assist.

Unfortunately, I cannot put up this piece by myself and will also need help with sitting with the work.  I mean, at some point there will be a call of nature and I just cannot leave the artwork to stand by its lonesome in the cemetary or on the high street.

Specific requirements for assistance:

I will need help with carting around the pole stands and weights, positioning the poles as well as stringing the line across from pole to pole.  Assistance will also be needed to just sit beside the work.  I’ll provide the comfy deck chair.

Venues and dates for assistance:

Friernhay Open Space, Exeter

3-5 June 2011

11am – 5pm


Dudley High Street

17 June 2011

11am – 5pm


Participating in this project would be a great addition to a student’s CV of experience.  If you have an interest in seeing the behind-the-scenes chaos, I mean FUN, of putting together a travelling exhibition, are interested in local history or feel that perhaps you have a couple of hours to spare in your day, please do get in touch.

And if you should happen to know of anyone that may be good to get involved in this project that lives remotely close to Exeter or Dudley, please do direct them to this blog.

Many many thanks,



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