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Last work for 2010

Commission piece for a nice man in Bristol

The above image is a photograph of an artwork I completed today.  This is the last work of 2010 and I am so pleased that it is now finished.  Because you know what’s coming next.  Oh yes.  Art tour artwork make-a-thon.  I am very nervous/excited/anxious/having great anticipation for 2011.

I hope that you have had a good year, a great year, an amazing year and have great great things planned for the next.  I will continue to keep everyone updated on the progress of the art tour.  Who knows where I shall be at this time next year.  Will I be completely flattened with exhaustion after having made and toured the work?  Will I be working on the next thing or will I be taking a step back to recoup?

Merry Christmas everyone and have a Happy New Year.


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Funding goal has been reached!

I am happy to report that the funding goal on has been reached.  Today.  Just a few minutes ago. I am now mentally doing the Charlie Brown dance.  For those that haven’t seen it, please look it up on google or something as it is rather cute.

Originally, I was a bit hesitant to create the funding page.  I mean, it’s tricky to stick your neck out like that and, gasp, you know, ask for money.  But I truly do feel that this project is something quite unique, interesting, exciting and I do think that it will make a good impression on the people that see it or read about it.  At the very least, I do hope that it encourages people to think about all those people behind them in their own family lines, thinking about how they lived, where they lived, what they did, their personalities, their big ole lives, how that has influenced who they are today.  Every one has an interesting story, it’s just investigating it and digging out the good bits…and sometimes the not so good bits that makes for an incredible journey.

Thank you again for helping to make this project a reality.


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