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Finally!  I am having one of those days where all the loose ends are coming together and I am so shocked, amazed and excited that I want to jump right out of my seat and jump around a bit.  To be honest, I have just sat down after having done that.  Don’t worry.  I did it in the privacy of my own home.  My dog was the only one that saw the jubilation.

For days I have been trying to think of a way to properly start the tour.  I didn’t want to present all the pieces, but just a select few, in an interesting, exciting gallery in Newcastle.  So, I put the idea to the Director of the Mushroom Works Gallery and am pleased to announce that it has been accepted.  The plan is to go along with the monthly themed exhibits and for the month of April 2011, select the theme of Heritage, Generations or family for a collabotive exhibition, displaying my works alongside the local talent.  Thank you Mushroom Works for being that gallery.  I cannot wait to make plans for this.  Their monthly exhibitions start with a nice little party, where many gather to look at the work and have a good chat with friends and artists.  The atmosphere is quite vibrant.

Breakthrough #2 happened when I finally came up with the idea for my inschool workshop.  Again, for days…no…months, I have been trying to think of how this workshop was going to go.  I wanted to get local artists in on the fun, but the plan was evading me and it seemed like everything I did think of, was lacking.  As I was emailing an artist working near Dudley, the final plan come together.  I won’t list the details just yet.

This morning has been a great morning.  After week after week of wanting to bang my head on to the table top, things are sorting themselves out and I feel like I can move forward with the next step.


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We’ve finally made the final leap up even more north.  Edinburgh.  I can see it sprawl out below as we live on a hill now just at the edge of town.  It’s lovely from up here and I like how big the sky looks in this part of the world.  I think the South of England made me feel a bit hemmed in.  The rolling hills and trees are gorgeous, but from someone who has grown up seeing a lot of sky and not much else, it seemed slightly overbearing.

I guess this is the settling in period now.  I would actually like to ignore those boxes and piles of random stuff around me, but if I want to work effectively I need to find a place for everything.  The Ikea treatment has been done to my in-home studio space.  I really dig these storage solutions in cubes.  Whenever I walk in to this room, I feel a bit like I have entered a nice, tidy shop.

Now that the Maker Faire is sadly behind me, it is time to start looking ahead and seeing those pencilled in dates as deadlines.  My first exhibit of this work is in June 2011, which gives me 15 months to work.  That may seem like a rather luxurious amount of time, but time you see, is a tricky thing.  It has a way of slipping away from you without you noticing.

Next week:  Funding week.  More letters.  More grovelling.

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