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Dudley has confirmed

Dudley castle aerial view

Today, the whatever day it is of February, the very last venue I needed to confirm has confirmed.  I should celebrate.  From the point of conceptualizing this project back in June, to now, it has taken such a long time to plan, find contacts, reach contacts and in some cases to pester far beyond what I am confortable.  Dudley, you have confirmed for me a place in your city and if you were a person I would send you a bouquet of flowers.  Anything of your choosing.  Even dark purple velvetty roses if you so desired.

Now that all of the dates and venues have been chosen, the next big thing is  lurking on the horizon.  The artwork.  Oh dear.  Confronting an empty canvas is terribly frightening for such a young girl as myself.  Okay.  Not so young.  But timid at times.

I have sketches galore as well as lots of pieces created in the style in which I will create the large works.  There is a plan to follow with just enough room to squeeze in inspiration and epiphanies.

The real work will begin at the end of March, after I move in to my new digs and paint the walls of my in-home studio space.

Exeter, Dudley, Newcastle upon Tyne, McCook (Nebr) and Blair (Nebr), thank you so much for accepting my requests.


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Edinburgh. Oh yes. It’s happening.

An old city, but new to me

There’s been talk.  And it’s been going on for quite some time.  Only after living in Newcastle for 7 months, ‘Edinburgh’ was whispered into my husband’s ear then passed on to me.  The house was put on the market and we waited as the downturn ate into our equity.  We waited and scoffed at low offers and waited some more.  After 5 months of waiting I put down the foot and stated quite boldly ‘Actually, I don’t want to move.’  So we gave it a go again, this time husband commuting twice a week to the capitol of Scotland.

And then ‘Edinburgh’ was shouted in his ear and this was relayed to me in certain terms.  We ARE going to Edinburgh.

And soon.  In just two weeks.

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