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Catacombs in Exeter

Catacombs in Bartholomew's Park

The above photograph was taken by ‘Foxylady’ from  This is the place where I am to display the work outside.  I have been in contact with the Red Coats walking tour group in Exeter and have learned even more fascinating facts about this space.

Friernhay Open Space is also known as Bartholomew’s Yard because it was consecreated on St Bartholomew’s Day in 1637.  Prior to that it was the site of a monastery.  Even before that it may have been a pre-Roman Celtic iron-age settlement.

Due to the lack of space in the city’s other cemeteries, the park  was turned into a burial ground in the 1830’s during the cholera epidemic.  The catacombs were the first cemetary buildings in Britain to be built in the style of Ancient Egypt, emulating Egyptian tombs.


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Back to the beginning

Friernhay Open Space, Exeter

Here it is January 5th, 2010 and I am back on form. My party clothes are back in the closet and my Serious and Good at Organising Stuff hat is firmly nestled on my head.

I have been in contact with more lovely people down in Devon.  There is the artist at Ivybridge with whom I have been enjoying a thoughtful and honest correspondence.  The Parks Promotion Officer in Exeter has also been such a great help.  She has kindly pointed me in the direction of some fine local gallery spaces as well as beautiful parks in which to set out the exhibition.  Although I started with making contact to those in the south, I somehow got a bit sidetracked by the other venues.  The last leg of the journey is planned, but the first is still a little bit flimsy.  Fuzzy dates, but nothing set in stone yet.

The dates that I need to work around are the 4th of July 2011 (booked for McCook, Nebraska)

Mid to late July (booked for the eastern side of the states, specifically Dana College in Blair, Nebraska)

September outdoor exhibition space (Newcastle City Centre)

October and November indoor exhibition space, Centre for Life foyer (Newcastle upon Tyne)

This week’s task is to go back to the beginning of the tour and set these dates in big bold red CONFIRMED in my diary.  After all of this planning is sorted, I can then begin on the artwork.  Which, to be honest, is the bit I am most excited about.

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…to a grown up, furry hat wearin’ lady

Josey and I on the Quayside

January 1st, 2010.

Is it even worth writing out a goals list for the year?  This is how I begin a new set of 12 months.  I think this art tour is enough on my plate.  I may also attempt to crochet a blanket.  And walk the dog on more interesting walks.  And bake muffins more.  And eat more salad.  And start a chick band.  And practice my ukulele a bit more.  And learn how to make chocolate truffles.  And write letters to my family.  And blog on a regular basis.  And create more diverse art.  And decorate the new house with white walls and big, ostentatious splashes of colour.  And possibly sew curtains for all the rooms.  And make a draft excluder.  And read books that will improve my vocabulary.  Well, I think that’s about it.

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